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There is an increasing number of online journals and publications with content related to art and the environment. Some produce printed versions you can subscribe to and all are worth supporting.

    Mixed media gardening, Abigail Doan is an "art-farmer living part of the year in an urban nest and part of the year on a farm in Tuscany. I cultivate mixed media, garden, and fiber projects that entwine my ideas about environmental tinkering and sustainable practice. My blog is a way to create virtual plots and trellises for the dissemination of what I view to be the most promising solutions for a global paradise."

    The Landscape & Arts Network, The Landscape & Arts Network, based in the UK, is an international network of visual and performing artists, craftspeople, academics, landscape architects, architects, journalists, ecologists and environmentalists, all of whom share the same holistic approach to the environment and the arts. They publish an excellent journal and have an active membership., This is the online journal of Landscape, Art and Design in America - the network of artists, architects, designers, and ecologists working in and for the landscape. They are the sister publication to the UK-based Landscape and Art Network. Nicely designed website with articles and links.

    Moisture Blog, This is the official blog for the MOISTURE desert research project undertaken by a Los Angeles-based artist collective. "Focused on developing location-sensitive structures for the collection, retention, and use/re-use of water in the Mojave Desert, the collective are invested in creating microclimates within one of the driest desert regions on the planet." This is a regularly updated journal describing their efforts.

    Bear Deluxe Magazine, The publication of Orlo, a Portland, Oregon-based organization, The Bear Deluxe is a wonderful quarterly environmental magazine publishing significant works of reporting, creative nonfiction, literature, visual art and design. The Bear Deluxe is a treasure in the world of independent publishing.

    Free Soil, is an exceptional new online "hybrid collaboration of artists, activists, researchers and gardeners who take a participatory role in the transformation of our environment." Set up like a blog with searchable categories, this site has event listings, links to multiple websites of interest and a refreshing optimism. "We believe art can be a catalyst for social awareness and positive change." Please visit!

    Resurgence, a well respected international forum of radical thought on environmental and social issues­ ecology, human scale education, sacred art, the economics of well-being, sustainability and a holistic philosophy infused with spirituality and creativity. In print and on line. Worth getting to know!

    Cities and Oceans of If, This blog, by artist, Aviva Rahmani, "is the irregular journaling of an Ecological Artist about issues and concerns that affect and effect the work of creating solutions, with city planners, scientists and others, to environmental degradation." Provides insight into her working process and concerns.

    Foti Family Garden Blog, As part of artist Fritz Haeg's Edible Estates series, the Foti family in Lakewood, California was picked to turn their front lawn into an edible garden. This blog details the process, wonderfully narrated by Michael Foti.

    res-qualia, This fine website/blog is "a contribution from the perspective of the disciplines of arts, sciences, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience and cognitive sciences in order to promote holistic approaches in building hybrid projects between art and science that are directly related to consciousness." It's in English, Spanish and Catalan.

    Chris Drury in Antarctica, Remarkable blog by the artist Chris Drury made during an extended stay in Antarctica in 2006-2007.

    Recycle Ryoan-ji, In the spring of 2007, at the foot of City Hall in San Francisco, a replica of the Ryoan-ji Garden in Kyoto, Japan will be created by artist Judith Selby Lang using recycled materials. To represent the raked sand, 5,000 white plastic shopping bags will be gathered on to mono filament strands. This is a blog narrating the production of this remarkable project.

    Eco-logical Art- Off the Wall, This is the blog for a Los Angeles-based gallery's recycled vinyl billboard art project called OFF THE WALL. Interesting to see how these things get made and posted above buildings and along roads.

    New Climates, New Climates is a remarkable online exhibition from the folks at of new and existing artworks that respond to the relationship between art, global climate change and networked culture. This curatorial weblog will create a flexible and open-ended space to address these ideas at a time when climate change has become a vital concern among artists., A blog project that serves as a "cumulative resource and clearing house for artists focusing on environmental issues and climate change". Created by Joy Garnett, it provides "access to information, images and data by organizing links in a variety of categories, and by archiving links and posts to artworks, projects, exhibitions and publications pertinent to this topic." Good stuff!

    Critical Spatial Practice, This remarkable Blog proposes to "investigate critical theories of space and place and what the architectural historian Jane Rendell has termed 'critical spatial practice,' the relationship between spatial theory and critical practice." It includes thoughtful postings by a variety of scholars about fascinating art projects principally in the US and in Europe that address our complex relationships to place.

    LAKE, Lake is a Journal of Arts and the Environment with a focus on contemporary art that engages with ecological issues and representations in provocative, entertaining, and beautiful ways. Striking reproductions and photos of artworks, interviews with artists themselves, new fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and reviews are published in each issue. Located in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies at the University of British Columbia Okanagan in a region under great ecological stress, Lake has its roots in the interior of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, but looks out to the world as whole.

    LAKE Journal, A new journal of arts and environment, Lake publishes contemporary art that engages with ecological issues and representations in provocative, entertaining, and beautiful ways. Striking reproductions and photos of artworks, interviews with artists themselves, new fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and reviews are published in each issue. Lake has its roots in the interior of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, but looks out to the world as whole.

There are many online resources for information on environmental and ecological art as well as organizations working to support and create opportunities for artists. Here are a few of our favorites:

    Ecoartspace, The website of a nonprofit organization working internationally with individuals and organizations who are interested in creating radical approaches to restoring the earth. Information about artists, helpful links and other resources.

    Artists in Nature International Network, This wonderful organization has a simple website with a large and growing list of artists and communities interested in art in nature. They provide contact information and links to other resources. "We believe that art in nature implies respecting nature, not using or abusing it for the sake of art. We think that this respect implies a specific creation for each site. We feel that this approach might be one way to involve a very large part of the population that has not so far been interested in the "object oriented" traditional presentation of art in museums, galleries, and public spaces.", A virtual gallery presenting the work of environmental artists from Finland in the form of Land Art, Communal Art and Eco-Art. Some thought-provoking works in here.

    Art Nature Project XXI, An excellent new site in French about environmental art and nature with essays and event listings and other resources. Submissions are welcomed. "Ce lieu est concu comme un espace de reflexion et de prospective ouvert a tous ceux dont les pratiques artistiques, scientifiques, techniques ou historiques integrent la nature comme element de recherche. Il est aussi un lieu ressource constitue d'oeuvres consultables."

    Criminal Animal, This website is "a space for web-aware art and criticism about animals, humans, and the stuff in between". Extensive links, artist listings and analysis of animal related art makes for a fascinating online experience.

    Walking in Place, A fascinating site that looks at walking, art documentation projects which involve connecting to place, links, quotes and even a film series, assembled by a group based in Illinois.

    RSA: Royal Society for the Arts, A 250 year old (!) UK based non-profit organization supporting projects and lectures related to 5 manifestos: Encouraging Enterprise, Moving Towards a Zero Waste Society, Fostering Resilient Communities, Developing a Capable Population and Advancing Global Citizenship. Environmental initiatives include Shared Mental Models of Sustainability, Environment Awards Forum, SAGE (Sustainable Action Group Exchange) and the WEEE Man a humanoid figure made out of the amount of electrical waste one UK citizen consumes in a lifetime. Site includes a forum, library and archive, RSA Journal and fellowships.

    The International Center for Environmental Arts, ICEA's mission is to "Assist in understanding of the relationship between Humans and their Environment through the Arts." ICEA was founded by David and Renate Jakupca in 1987 to meet the needs of ordinary citizens for access to current, balanced, understandable information about complex global issues. ICEA supports research, information sharing and effective action promoting a culture of Peace.

    Boommuseum, The Boommuseum (= tree-museum) is a virtual interactive museum for art in all facets of nature. Since 1995, it has built up a collection of more than 160 works of art. Besides silkscreen prints, drawings and paintings, photographs documenting site-specific works make up the largest part of the collection. Because the museum has been set up interactively for visitors, everyone with relevant material can make a contribution to the collection.

    Pow Wow Eco-Arts, This important UK based organization "aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and education for sustainability through a broad range of cross art forms." They host green architecture conferences, facilitate public art and environmental education and have a nice website with links to eco-artist information and more! Definitely worth a visit.

    Halikonlahti Green Art, The website for a multi year project of exhibitions and events in Finland. "The Halikonlahti Green Art exhibition has three main objectives: to facilitate the development of high-quality green-art projects, both nationally and internationally; to contribute to the fusion of the fusion of art and ecology in Finnish art; and to establish permanent art exhibits around the Gulf of Halikko."

    The Islands Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, The Islands Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies aims to link art and survival through interdisciplinary approaches and to foster creative solutions to environmental and social problems. This non-profit society draws on the culture of Canada's Gulf Islands, where we bring art and science together to create community knowledge. Their website offers classes, lists events and even has a wiki and discussion area.

    Natural World Museum, The Natural World Museum (NWM) presents art through innovative programs which inspire and engage the public in environmental awareness and action. NWM develops travelling exhibitions related to art and sustainability. Great work!

    Visible Trash Society, A website with links to some wonderful trash related fashion and art, essays and artists. "Trash? Hell, we call it free art supplies."

    Ear to the Earth, This is an international network of musicians, composers, sound artists, scientists, environmental activists, and members of the public who are concerned about the environment. It's a network that connects to an annual festival in New York, to other events throughout the world, to documentation of our sound environment, and to events and activities yet to be defined. Their website is the focal point but it's really a gateway to the field. Well worth a visit.

    Social Land Art Project, s.l.a.p. brings artists together in multidisciplinary projects involving landscape and the human relationship to nature. The organization acts as a hub between artists and the population of a specific region. Their projects often link to a theme, and seek to inspire landscape structures with social, political and ecological impacts.

    The Gallery of Landscape Art, A freelance artist-project space for artistic and interdisciplinary work on ideas of nature, landscape and city, the Gallery often hosts events like lectures, video evenings and guides in its exhibition rooms and on the Schute, its research ship. The gallery also houses a permanent collection and a series of temporary exhibitions. The archive, with its emphasis on cartography, is available for public use., is a collaborative art project that demonstrates how one major consequence of climate change - rising sea levels - will affect the San Francisco Bay Area. Initiated in 2006, is a collaboration of Aquarium of the Bay Foundation, the Sierra Club and the San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment). Along with sharing a way to graphically illustrate the effects of rising sea levels, we hope to inspire Bay Area residents to work together to find solutions.

    ArtsEdNet/Art and Ecology, This is part of the J Paul Getty Museum's art education website which has an art & ecology section with images of artwork by well-known artists, useful lesson plans and curriculum ideas, various introductions to the subject, and links. It is a useful resource worth exploring.

    Green Arts Web, This site is the best online resource we've found for bibliographical information related to environmental art and links to educational resources. Want to read and learn more about the subject? This is a great place to start.

    The Dia Center, The Dia Center for the Arts in New York City has for years supported and presented the work of several well-known environmental artists. Their website contains images of these projects and information about the artists they have worked with.

    RANE, Research in Art Nature & Environment, the RANE research cluster, based at University College Falmouth, UK, examines the relationship between the visual arts and ecological thinking. It actively seeks creative methods through which art can impact on our current environmental predicament. They host conferences, lectures, exhibitions and art projects and have an informative website. Well worth a visit!

    Washington State University, Created by the American Studies Department of Washington State University, in Pullman, WA, this site provides a good introduction to Environmental Art and links to other useful resources online with information on a variety of related topics.

    seen:unseen (UK) a fusion of environment|art|science|community, This site has a wealth of information about collaborative art restoration projects as well as useful links and educational resources.

    The Community Arts Network (CAN), This wonderful organization "promotes information exchange, research and critical dialogue within the field of community-based arts, that is, art made as a voice and a force within a specific community of place, spirit or tradition." Their fine website has lots of information about community art projects and some great essays and interviews with environmental artists.

    Arts and Healing Network, A helpful resource for people interested in the healing potential of art. This site features special projects by environmental artists, a range of healing art, events and many useful links.

    Littoral, A nonprofit arts trust in the UK that sponsors art projects and conferences in response to issues about social, environmental, and cultural change.

    College of the Atlantic, This part of the College of the Atlantic web site hosts a small eco-art discussion forum, has information about environmental artists and hosts occasional conferences.

    Women Environmental Artists Directory (WEAD), This growing network has over 150 members, a published directory and hosts conferences about environmental art.

    Center for Land Use Interpretation, (CLUI) is a research organization involved in exploring, examining, and understanding land and landscape issues. They create exhibitions, write books and have a fascinating and useful website with a wide range of surprising information.

    Art Culture Nature, Founded in 1997, ACN is an "Association for the Study of the Arts and the Environment". ACN hosts occasional conferences about environmental art and publishes a newsletter.

    Matajoki 2001 Environmental Art Exhibition in Finland, This site is a great introduction to Finnish environmental art. The river Matajoki runs through Helsinki was once an important route for transportation, shipping and commerce. Fifteen artists installed environmental art projects to emphasize the significance of the river. This same group plans a larger exhibition in the summer of 2002.

    The Floating Land Project, This is the website for an unusual international exhibition in the area around the Noosa River System in Queensland, Australia. Many Art in Nature style artists created a range of sites pecific works designed to celebrate the natural beauty and involve local residents.

    Kooskooskie Commons, This nonprofit provides a meeting ground to connect cultures within the Inland and Pacific Northwest, through storytelling, arts, education, commerce, and festive events which celebrate the ways we inhabit the landscape. Through the telling and retelling of stories, our common dreams, desires, and concerns are discovered. "Like the spiral construction of a Native American basket--a series of connecting circles--these stories simultaneously hold or cradle the energy of the commons and serve as its center; the heart of the commons."

People have been creating art with natural materials and manifesting their connection to the natural world for millenia. Here are some resources you might find inspiring:

    Megalithics, Amazing VR images, virtual tours and information on hundreds of megalithic sites throughout the UK.

    Leskernick, The Leskernick Project is "a multidisciplinary approach to landscape and the symbolism of place". It is also a fascinating introduction to issues surrounding the documentation and study of a Bronze Age village complex on Bodmin Moor, eastern Cornwall, UK.

    Great Archaeological Sites, Information about Lascaux and other caves with remarkable Paleolithic paintings.

    Earthworks, Comprehensive source of online information on early Native American Earthworks and effigy mounds. Many links to the impressive Great Serpent Mound in Ohio.

    Art History Resources- Prehistoric Art, This site has links to hundreds of sites with information from all over the world.

    Stone Pages: A guide to European megaliths, A comprehensive list of links to major megalithic sites throughout Europe.

Just a few of many places around the world with ongoing commitments to supporting the creation of environmental art:

    The Alliance of Artists Communities, This "nation-wide consortium and professional organization for the field, advances the role artists' communities play in the evolution of new ideas and art." Want a residency somewhere? This site has names of a number of them worth exploring.

    Caldera, Founded in 1996, Caldera is a nonprofit interdisciplinary arts organization committed to fostering creativity, provoking experimentation and stimulating a deeper appreciation for the environment. "We fulfill our mandate to support creativity by sponsoring a variety of integrated programs for underserved youth and by offering residencies to artists."

    't eksternest, "'t eksternest is part of c.i.c., an international non-profit association which aims to promote interaction between artists on an international level." This organization hosts a number of environmental sculpture and land art activities out of their facilities in Belgium and internationally.

    Wave Hill, "A spectacular public garden and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades in the Bronx, Wave Hill is an oasis of serenity for all visitors." Features regular exhibitions indoors and out with environmental themes, public performances, music and opportunities to learn about gardening in the New York City area.

    The Pari Center for New Learning, The Center is dedicated to education, learning and research. It fosters an interdisciplinary approach linking science, the arts, ethics and spirituality. Above all the Pari Center for New Learning is dedicated to the principle of "the spirit of place". Housed in Pari, a medieval hilltop village in Italy, the Center offers residencies, workshops and conferences.

    Arte Sella Sculpture Park , Italy, Since 1986, Arte Sella has hosted an international biennial of contemporary art in the forests of the Val di Sella (Valsugana, province of Trento, Italy). They host Land Art-related events and are open to the public. Nice website, too (in Italian).

    Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Founded in 1970, the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology is dedicated to expanding the relationships between art, nature, and humanity through workshops, presentations, individual research projects and residencies; and to maintain a facility appropriate to its needs that is in harmony with the unique coastal environment of Cascade Head, Oregon.

    Kamiyama Artist in Residence, Established in 1999, the Kamiyama Artist in Residence (KAIR) Program is an independent project organized by local business people and volunteers who share the desire to develop art and culture in Kamiyama. Their hope is that artists will produce works full of originality, influenced by the experience of spending time amidst the timeless nature of Kamiyama, deep in the Japanese countryside, and gain inspiration from interacting with the "friendly local people".

    MARIPOSA Culture Park, The MARIPOSA Culture park is located on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. Started in 1993 together with nearly 60 international artists, their hope is that Mariposa is meant to become an inspiring place for interdisciplinary meetings. The website is in German and has a fun interactive map, identifying where different art projects are located on the island.

    LEVKA ORI CREATIVE ENCOUNTERS IN CRETE, Founded in 1995 by a Belgian art association, Levka Ori now involves an international team who facilitate a remarkably open (and inexpensive!) interdisciplinary artists gathering in the mountains of Crete. "Art lovers and adepts of new technology from different countries have gathered in Crete in the late summer to create visual, literary or audio art works 'in situ'." It's an inspiring opportunity for ephemeral art-in-nature, unstructured discussion and the cross-fertilization of ideas in a beautiful place. Recommended!

    A Studio in the Woods, A program of Tulane University located in 7.66 forested acres on the Mississippi River in New Orleans, A Studio in the Woods is dedicated to preserving the endangered bottomland hardwood forest and providing within it a peaceful retreat where visual, literary and performing artists can work uninterrupted. Programming includes community workshops in the arts and environmental preservation, and an outdoor classroom where school children and university students can experience and study the natural world. The only live-in artists' retreat in the Deep South, A Studio in the Woods fosters both environmental preservation and the creative work of all artists.

    Boondall Wetlands Brisbrane, Australia, In Time and Tide artists developed site-specific, environmentally-sensitive, temporary (temporal) artworks. Time and Tide focused on the Boondall Wetlands area as a diverse group of environments with a complex natural and social history. Other projects such as the Reconciliation Path focus on Aboriginal history and land ownership issues.

    TICKON- Tranekaer International Centre for Art and Nature, Tranekaer International Centre for Art and Nature, Tranekar Castle Park, Langeland, Denmark. Founded by artist Alfio Bonanno on a beautiful island with site specific sculptures including pieces by David Nash, Andy Goldsworthy, Nils-Udo and Hermann Prigann on over 60 acres of property.

    Headlands Center For the Arts, Located just outside of San Francisco in a breathtaking natural setting on a former military base, the Headlands Center offers artist residency programs, studio space, and discussion series on key issues in contemporary art. Many of the artists in the Archive have had residencies there.

    The Schuylkill Center, The mission of The Schuylkill Center is to promote, through environmental education, the preservation and improvement of our natural environment by fostering appreciation, understanding and responsible use of the ecosystem; by disseminating information on current environmental issues; by encouraging appropriate public response to environmental problems and also to maintain the facilities of The Schuylkill Center and conserve its land for the purpose of environmental education. 8480 Hagy's Mill Road, Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA.

    Poustinia Earth Art Park, Belize, A former cattle ranch with an area of 270 acres, Pustinia is located along the Western border with Guatemala. Poustinia is an environmental project in which art and nature inter-act; it is about environmental conservation and art development. Attractions include wildlife and scenic trails as well as outdoor art by a range of artists from Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

    The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, The CCANW is an innovative arts-led educational charity which is focussed on exploring our changing relationship to Nature through the Arts. The core activities of the Centre will be exhibitions, projects, including live events both in galleries and in the landscape, supported by a study centre and studios. The integrated artistic and educational programme will span all forms of contemporary art including photography, architecture, design, new media and performance. Located in the Haldon Forest in Teignbridge, Devon, UK.

    South Carolina Botanical Gardens, The South Carolina Botanical Gardens have a wonderful outdoor sculpture program with projects by many well known environmental artists from around the world. "The garden was begun in 1957 as a small camellia collection on a reclaimed landfill site. Today the Garden is a 295-acre public garden offering a diversity of cultivated and natural landscapes and year-round public programming."

    Boreal Art/Nature, An artist-run center near Quebec, dedicated to the exploration of new links between contemporary artistic practices and nature.

    Ucross Foundation Residencies, Built in 1882 in northeast Wyoming, the Big Red Ranch House serves today as the main office of the Ucross Foundation. The foundation accepted its first residents in 1983 and today is an internationally known working retreat for over 60 artists and writers annually, hosting painters, poets, sculptors, writers, photographers, filmmakers and others from across the United States and around the world.

    Gunpowder Park, Opened in June 2004, Gunpowder Park is the largest space in Greater London dedicated to arts and the environment. A former munitions testing site, closed to the public for 100 years, the Park is now 255 acres of regenerated green space. It includes a creative space, called The Field Station, for arts, science and nature. The site will also feature research and development, events and exhibitions, professional development, education and publishing.

    La Suerte Biological Field Station, The La Suerte Biological Field Station in Costa Rica and the Ometepe Biological Field Station in Nicaragua offer students the opportunity to take summer and winter courses in Drawing the Landscape and Mixed Media in the Rainforest. Immersion in the ecosystems and cultures of Central America provide unique sources for artistic creation.

    THE LAND, We've heard good things about this place. THE LAND/an art site, is a non-profit organization founded in 1997, which offers residencies for artists and "maintains a twenty-acre exhibition and work site in central New Mexico devoted exclusively to site-specific, environmentally low-impact, land-based art. The site is located about eighty miles southeast of Albuquerque, in the foothills of the Manzano Mountains."

    KRAKAMARKEN, This is a public sculp- ture park in the center of Denmark, where international visual artists work with natural materials and the processes of nature. Situated 7 km south of the city of Randers, it consists of 70 acres of hilly Jutland countryside. The area is open from sunrise till sunset, and visiting is free.

    Cloudberry Dreams Partnership, The mission of the Cloudberry Dreams Partnership is to share ideas and to explore new ways to interpret landscapes through art and creativity. This impressive wetlands restoration and advocacy project involves travelling exhibitions, installations, an artists in residence program, as well as a music and storytelling festival.

    Wysing Arts, Wysing Arts is a unique public visual and applied arts centre set in eleven acres of South Cambridgeshire countryside, England. With over twenty professional artists working on-site, they run an artist residency programme, host exhibitions in their gallery space, and sponsor a popular education programme. We have a particular focus on combining the visual arts with ecology, horticulture, science and technology.

    The Burragorang International Artists' Workshop, From their base in the "Chant's Hut" in Burragorang Valley, N.S.W., Australia, "beneath towering sandstone cliffs in the midst of the World Heritage region of the Southern Blue Mountains, is a remote, solar-powered site, two hours from Sydney." Residency programs take place over two weeks, and involve 25 selected artists including Aboriginal and non-Indigenous Australians, and artists from Asia, Africa, Europe, America and the Pacific. Painters, sculptors and sound artists, using techniques as diverse as their cultures - from carving to painting, to using the electronics of the solar voltaic system - will create new work in response to the place and each other.

    Worm Farm Institute Residencies, A 40 acre farm in Wisconsin opens its doors to artists who have an interest in organic farming. Looks great!

    Centre d'Art i Natura de Farrera, The Centre d'Art i Natura de Farrera, in the Catalan Pyrenees in Spain, is the setting for a contemporary experiment in finding common ground between the arts and the natural and social sciencies. It is, first of all, a residence and workplace for artists with a specific interest in mountains and their ecology, but it also welcomes geologists, botanists, ornithologists, geographers, historians, anthropologists and other experts to work on science projects.

    International Sculpture Center, The ISC has a very useful site for general information about sculpture as well as extensive listings of parks and museums from around the world that feature outdoor sculpture.

Architects and designers are creating buildings and consumer products which reflect conserns about the environment. Here are a few websites to learn more.

    Ecotecture, The new ECOTECTURE website "focuses on aspects of the ecological design field such as the re-design of cities for better ecological performance, sustainable agriculture, ecological housing, and alternative energy." With articles and links, Ecotecture will explore everything from "water recycling systems and intentional communities" to "new developments in the field such as hydrogen-fuel cells, geographic information systems, and the internet."

    Sustainable Sources, "Sustainable Sources was created in 1993 to provide a one-stop online resource center for sustainablity - specifically, green building, sustainable agriculture, and responsible planning. We started with a bulletin board service (which continued through early 2000), and within a few months created the beginnings of our website." Lots of useful links to suppliers, online discussion groups and information about the issues of concern when building a eco-friendly structure.

    Sustainable ABC, More links and resources related to green building and sustainable design. Anyone interested in the subject can get lost in this and the other sites here. " is a web site devoted to exploring the relationship between ecology and sustainability, and how we can apply these values to our daily lives. It is our goal to nourish and strengthen ecologically oriented design, construction and lifestyle choices."

    Green Home Building, A very personal and useful site devoted to sustainable construction techniques assemble by Kelly and Rosana Hart. "We are happy to be able to provide you with the wide range of information related to sustainable architecture and natural building available at this site." "Ask the Expert" interviews, book reviews and resources for sale scattered throughout a site that's worth exploring.

    Sustainable design slideshow, This slideshow highlights some excellent examples of sustainable design from around the world. A great introduction to some of the clever and effective solutions that address basic human needs such as shelter, drinking water, and transportation.

    Material Scraps, The primary purpose of this website is to help prevent at least some materials from going into the landfill before performing some further service life to humankind. Some materials won't decay in a landfill for 1000 years or more. We've provided a number of resources here to help people become involved and suggest improvements to our products and services.

There is a strong emphasis on collaboration in many environmental art projects. Here are some sites for more information:

    Intersections of Art, Technology, Science & Culture, This remarkable resource was compiled by Professor and author Stephen Wilson and include a wide range of links to information about art and science collaborations across a variety of disciplines.

    SciCult, This nicely designed UK-based site is dedicated to "bridging science & culture through contemporary art... SciCult is a specialist science-related contemporary art gallery, and science & culture agency."

    IOBB (Intl Org for Biotechnology and Bioengineering), This international organization has a Blog, a wiki and also creates online e-seminars. Past topics have included integrated wastewater systems, bio-gas generation, earthworm byproducts and phyto-remediation of air, water and earth among others. A valuable organization to join or visit for practical technical information related to stewardship issues.

    Imaginify Community Network, This fascinating blog promises "a collaborative exploration connecting creative movements and magnifying grassroots solutions" and delivers. Deep ecology, open source, cultural commons, spirituality and fresh thinking merge and dare us to "imaginify" a new paradigm. Looking for inspiration?

    iLabs, iLabs brings people together to support the creation of a healthy sustainable world. "As a service organization, our purpose is to advance life-affirming approaches to community and organization development. iLabs partners with practitioners, organizations, individuals and communities. We offer edge-of-the-art technology, arts-based research, learning labs, participatory art projects, consulting and coaching services."

    Urban Water Works, This innovative nonprofit began in 1999 as a diverse group of people inspired by Betsy Damon's work on the Living Water Garden in Chengdu, China, the world’s first urban ecological park to focus on the art, education and science of water. Urban Water Works has successfully led workshops, schoolyard garden projects and other efforts to restore living water in the urban landscapes of Portland, Oregon.

    Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI), Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI), is a wonderful New York City based global nonprofit organization that has an online matching tool, The ArtSci INDEX, that seeks to help facilitate collaboration between scientists and artists. They also host conferences, produce art exhibits, and the monthly ASCI eBulletin.

    Seen & Unseen, Initiated by Helix Arts in England, Seen & Unseen encourages and promotes examples of how communities can work with artists and scientists to tackle their own pollution problems. Very useful resource.

    SCI ART, The UK based sciart enables collaborations between scientists and artists. An experimental initiative, it funds projects that combine insights and excitement from science and art, focusing them on a wide range of topics and ideas. It further encourages project outcomes to be shared with diverse audiences.

    The Exploratorium, The San Francisco, CA based Exploratorium's mission is to create a culture of learning through innovative environments, programs, and tools that help people to nurture their curiosity about the world around them. It succeeds admirably. Not only will you see collaborative exhibits made by artists and scientists but it's also a great place to learn about making them. Well worth the visit.

    Sci-Arts Eco-Cultures, The Sci-Arts Eco-Cultures Project is designed to foster intersections between the sciences, the arts, and the environment in relation to local, national, and global communities. Their site has curriculum information and plans to create a center for collaboration at the University of Washington at Bothell.

    The Arts Catalyst (UK) the science-art agency, romotes and connects artists and scientist led projects. A heavy focus on space, biotechnology and high tech science. Some interesting projects!

    Keepers of the Waters, A nonprofit organization bringing together artists, scientists and community to initiate projects that restore, preserve and remediate water sources in visible, educational, recreational and culturally integrated ways. Founded and directed by environmental artist Betsy Damon.

    Ocean Arks International, Is a very useful site for information about eco-friendly technologies. Any artist interested in bioremediation or Living Machines should look here for ideas. OAI is a non-profit ecological research, education, and technological development organization founded created to "purify the waters of the earth, develop strategies for living more lightly on the planet, and foster the emergence of a lasting planetary culture."

These Foundations have supported environmental art projects in the past. Other potential sources of support include nonprofits with related programming, resource managers, local businesses and arts organizations.

    FOR-SITE FOUNDATION, The mission of the FOR-SITE FOUNDATION is to support the creation, understanding and exhibition of new art about place. They have paid artist residencies in Nevada City, California, educational partnerships with universities and museums and a focus on disseminating results. All in all, a wonderful initiative with a stellar advisory board.

    Josh Greene's Service Works, Service-Works provides a monthly project grant. The amount of each month's grant is determined by how much money Josh earns as a waiter (on a specific night) in a fine-dining restaurant in San Francisco, CA.

    THE DANIEL LANGLOIS Foundation, Established in the spring of 1997 through an endowment provided by Daniel Langlois, the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology is a private non-profit organization whose scope of activity is international.

    The Foundation's purpose is to further artistic and scientific knowledge by fostering the meeting of art and science in the field of technologies. The Foundation seeks to nurture a critical awareness of technology's implications for human beings and their natural and cultural environments, and to promote the exploration of aesthetics suited to evolving human environments. (International)

    ELP Fellowship, The ELP (Environmental Leadership Program) Fellowship provides training, project support and a vibrant peer network to 25 talented and diverse individuals each year from all sectors of the environmental field, including nonprofits, business, government, and higher education. ELP is committed to fostering a reflective, diverse environmental movement capable of responding to our complex social and environmental challenges. (USA only)

    Creative Capital, Creative Capital is committed to a comprehensive approach to working with artists. The foundation's programs consist of a grant cycle and an Artist Services Program for grantees that includes an annual Artists' Retreat, a Strategic Planning program, and other resources for professional development. In addition, Creative Capital provides opportunities for grantees to receive additional financial support for their projects.

    Creative Capital rotates disciplines each granting cycle. The next grant period will be 2003-04, when Creative Capital will fund artists in visual and media arts. The deadline for that year's preliminary application will be Friday, October 31, 2003. In 2004-05, Creative Capital will fund artists in performing arts and emerging fields. (USA only)

    WELLCOME TRUST, WELLCOME TRUST- Funds scientists and artists to research and to produce projects that reflect contemporary practice in each discipline. Emphasis on science-art collaborations. (Appears to be mostly UK)

    Finish Foundation for Environmental Art, The aim of the Foundation is to extend the range of environmental art from a handful of public buildings and exteriors to the working and living environment at large. Appropriate locations include open spaces in residential districts, shopping centres and the perimeter of office buildings. (Finland)

    Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, The Foundation has established two main programs: Summer Fellowships at the Saltonstall Arts Colony in Ithaca, New York, which provides New York state artists and writers with month-long residencies; and the Individual Artist Grants, providing financial assistance to artists in the central and western counties of New York. They are offering direct grants for several new categories of art, including earth and environmental arts, graphic novels and computer art that deals with environmental issues.

    Funders Online, A valuable and in depth look at European philanthropy. Features an on-line database and research tools for foundations and those seeking funding.

    TGCI: Grantsmanship Center, Another good source for international funding information. Features a directory of foundations and corporate philanthropic programs, events and training opportunities.

    Synergos Institute, Articles and news about philanthropy, an on-line database, and numerous links and resources with a focus on Latin America, Africa and Asia. This is part of the Synergos Institutes' "efforts to strengthen the institutional and financial capacity of grantmaking foundations and other private social investment organizations to support local efforts to reduce poverty, increase equity and advance social justice."

    The Creative Work Fund, This exceptional opportunity for funding is limited to San Francisco and Alameda county residents. The Creative Work Fund invites artists and nonprofit organizations to create new art works through collaborations. It celebrates the role of artists as problem solvers and the making of art as a profound contribution to intellectual inquiry and to the strengthening of communities. (SF, USA)

    Potrero Nuevo Fund, For San Francisco Bay Area Artists the Potrero Nuevo Fund offers funding for artists and a variety of organizations and programs dealing with local environmental issues are supported, especially those working at a grassroots level to promote environmental justice in underserved neighborhoods. (SF, USA)

As part of's celebration of the Solstice we've collected a few links related to this celestial event:

    A remarkable look at Native American petroglyphs on the Solstice, This slide show put together by Ray Urbaniak and Boma Johnson explores the interaction of shadows cast on Anasazi petroglyphs during the Winter Solstice.

    Candlegrove, Since 1995, this exceptional site has provided winter solstice information of every possible sort. Historical descriptions of celebrations far and wide, word origins and a visitor comment section with glowing poetic odes to the Sun. "It has become one of the definitive Web resources about the ancient origins of the winter holiday season."

    Religious Solstice, Looks at the religious implications of this celestial event. You'll find useful information and a good list of solstice links around the world, despite the advertising.

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