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Nico van Hoorn, "Trashlog", WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 16 - ITEM #0165

Nico van Hoorn

"The TRASHLOG-project was started on 5 May 2002. The end of the project is not yet definitely established. The project consists of a half an hour daily walk looking for a piece of trash lying in the street. I don't need to dig in waste baskets, there is enough trash to find in the street.

The trash may be of paper, plastic or metal, but it may never be bigger than 10 x 15 cm and it must be as flat as possible.

From the founded items I choose one item to be scanned and this item will be on view on internet. The findings are carefully kept for an exhibition to come. I don't know yet when and where this exhibition will take place. First of all I have to collect as many pieces of trash as possible. Moreover I have to think how to present all the trash.

For the time being I will go on exhibiting my daily trash on internet."

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