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Roy Staab, "River Surface", October 16, 2003, 34' X 35', saltmarsh cordgrass & mixed saplings, for the exhibition 'Imaging the River' at Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY.


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Roy Staab

Since 1979, Milwaukee-based artist Roy Staab has created ephemeral installations along the shallow waters and shores of lakes, oceans and rivers, using found materials such as reeds, bamboo, snow, stones and lines drawn in the earth.

Staab often wades knee-deep in water for hours, using nothing but his hands to braid and bind stalks together, creating Zen-like sculptures which may last an hour, or a couple of weeks, depending on the forces of nature.

His creations are simple geometries born of place, the materials used and the local cultures of the places he visits around the world. Their fleeting reflections when placed over water, the delicate nature of the materials themselves, and the relentless tug of gravity which inevitably destroys them serve as reminders of the fragile and transitory nature of life. Like three-dimensional line drawings made of and in the landscape, Roy Staab's sculptures diagram the ties and relationships which bring us together.


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