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Deborah Kennedy, "Project Nexus, Ring of Life", 23’ X 38’, mixed media, de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara, CA, 1999


Deborah Kennedy, "The Dance of the Bees", 2001   The Dance of the Bees
Deborah Kennedy, \   Project Nexus
Deborah Kennedy, \   EcoTech
Deborah Kennedy, "EarthWise", 1999   EarthWise

Deborah Kennedy

The elegant and often intricately crafted conceptually-based installations, performances and artworks by Deborah Kennedy communicate complex environmental themes through visual drama and metaphor. The artist's use of lighting, sound and symbolism brings issues such as the impact of pesticides on honeybees, the interdependence of life and the importance of sustainable technology to the public in galleries, museums and public spaces.

Kennedy, a passionate educator, explores the role of art as a teaching tool through much of her work. Her own research into the subjects she addresses creates a solid framework for her desire "to work at the growing edge, where we as a global community are struggling to create new visions that will help solve our environmental problems. My hope is that these new perceptions will help us change how we think about ourselves and our role in the world. Then, perhaps, we can begin to change our actions as individuals and larger communities."


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