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Georg Dietzler, "Self-Decomposing Laboratory", interior detail, Aachen, Germany, 1999


Georg Dietzler, "Underground - 7,000 Acorns"   Project Underground - 7,000 Acorns
Georg Dietzler, "Self-Decomposing Laboratory"   Self Decomposing Laboratory
Georg Dietzler, "Oyster-mushroom Growing Experiment II" Paris, France, 1998   Oyster-mushroom Growing Experiment II
Georg Dietzler, "Observation of Oyster Mushrooms", mobile patch   Observation of Oyster Mushrooms. Between Outdoor And Shelter
Georg Dietzler, "Testing an Industrial Site - Völklinger Hütte"   Testing an Industrial Site - Völklinger Hütte

Georg Dietzler

Georg Dietzler is a Curator's Choice Artist from Germany whose sculptural work explores the fascinating generative properties of the natural world. In recent years he has created experimental installations using Oyster mushrooms for bioremediation of soil contaminated with PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyls). These highly toxic industrial pollutants are effectively neutralized through the cultivation of gourmet mushrooms on contaminated land.

These projects involve sculptural landscaping as well as cutting edge research and soil analysis. Electro-microscopic photographs of the contaminated and treated soil become the inspiration for drawings and other documentary materials which help call attention to the promise and beauty of bioremedation.

"In retrospect my work is still a kind of exploration of art & nature and ecology. Developed from sculptural works, interior related to architecture and site specific exterior, from environmental to conceptual pieces and current interdisciplinary biotechnological environments and interactive sculptures."


Sculptural Experiments--Biotechnological Soil Redevelopment

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