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Buster Simpson, "Hudson River Purge", ©1991

Buster Simpson

The humor and rich metaphors in Buster Simpson's work distinguish it from that of many of his contemporaries. Some of his most recent work involves sophisticated technology and the internet. "Brush with Illumination" creates online brushstrokes from water current, tide and atmospheric data.

Small scale bioremediation is part of "Hudson River Purge" a media and sound-bite friendly agit-prop sculpture. Simpson dramatically addresses the problem of acid rain with giant limestone antacid tablets which neutralize the pH of the Hudson River. "Host Analog" at the Oregon State Convention Center reflects a similar concern with natural processes by pairing sections of old growth Douglas fir with a misting system. This public display of natural decomposition puts nature on stage to decompose and nourish new life in an urban space.

The quiet elegance of the "Exchanger Fountain" cools drinking water through evaporation, directs gray water to a willow tree and offers a poetic acknowledgement its source: "Santa Ana your water nurtures and your hot winds cool. The water kissing your lips is an offering."


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