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Amy Franceschini, "Photosynthesis Robot", 2003.

Amy Franceschini

Artist, educator and award winning web designer Amy Franceschini applies her multimedia talents to the multidisciplinary effects of globalization and its many environmental consequences. Her approach often combines strong graphics, interactive physical and website environments, with a commitment to "long-term engagements with the public".

Many projects take a whimsical approach such as "Photosynthesis Robot" (2003), which, according to Franceschini, "is dependant on several variables in order to propel itself forward. Who will provide water, lighting conditions and space for it to move about and do its business? In this case chasing after SUV's capturing CO2 emissions. Go robot, go!" Others such as her "Gardening Superfund Sites" (2005), involved multiple components such as "Soil Sampling Shoes", extensive mapping of Superfund toxic waste sites in Silicon Valley, gallery installations and public performances.

Her work through Futurefarmers, a web-design collective "cultivating consciousness since 1995", led to various projects about complex social and environmental issues at major museums and garnered exceptional media attention through the use of playful interactive dynamic websites. "Free-Soil", another collective project, is the collaboration between Franceschini and three other artists who have created museum and public projects, as well as several web   . .(Read more)


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