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Fritz Haeg, "Edible Estates, edition #2: Los Angeles, CA", 2006.

Fritz Haeg

Artist/gardener/educator/architect Fritz Haeg has a geodesic dome in Los Angeles, California, that serves as his home, studio and eclectic "schoolhouse" for visitors. Haeg brings this multi-purpose approach to the creation of "Edible Estates," an ongoing agricultural project that replaces suburban lawns in the United States and England with highly productive domestic edible landscapes. Sponsored by local art institutions and horticultural organizations, these functional art-farms challenge preconceptions about land use and subvert the "toxic uniformity" of suburbia.

To date, Edible Estates have been created in Salina Kansas, Lakewook California, Maplewood New Jersey and London England, with other locations under development. Local partnerships include not only the local residents responsible for farming their lawns but museums such as the Tate Modern in London, The Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles and sponsors as diverse as the Ford Motor Company, the Los Angeles County Fair and a variety of charitable foundations. According to the artist, "I'm not interested in big monuments. I'm interested in singular gestures that become models --- small gestures in response to common issues that can be instituted by anyone in the world. And in that way, my projects on   . .(Read more)


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