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Jeroen Nelemans, "SunSet," video, looped DVD and portable player, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2007

Jeroen Nelemans

"My work measures and evaluates cycles and how they coexist in both natural and artificial systems," explains Jeroen Nelemans. His looped video project, "SunSet," shows the glowing reflection of a light bulb in an east-facing window looking out over Lake Michigan. It is a wintry landscape as seen from a tall building at the Art Institute of Chicago, and at first glance appears to be a glowing sunrise.

An achingly simple artwork, "SunSet" reveals a world of artificial nature warmed by electric lamplight, each kilowatt-hour representing the release of fossil sunlight captured over millennia by ancient plants and organisms.

Nelemans' sensibility is inspired by "the artificial quality" of his native Dutch landscape. "In the last century, the Dutch landscape has been worked and reworked to fill in the needs for urban expansion and agriculture. Even the rural part of the country is designed to simulate a natural-looking landscape."


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