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Jean Paul Ganem, "Jardins des capteurs," Montreal, 2000.

Jean Paul Ganem

In 1992, Jean-Paul Ganem created his first "agricultural composition" soon followed by others in France and a massive project at the Mirabel airport in Montreal, Canada (1996). As massive lines and patterns on the landscape, reminiscent of crop circles, many of his pieces are best viewed from the air.

One of his notable pieces transformed a dumping ground into a field of dynamic wedges of color. The project site contained human waste, and was punctuated by emission pipes from a gas plant nearby. Together with an army of volunteers Ganem cleaned up the site and turned it into something else entirely.

"The colourful land markings and motifs overlap, with varying circular dimensions and shapes. 'Le Jardin des Capteurs' introduces the notion that sites for human waste, the detritus of our urban consumer society, can be recycled and beautified as sites, just as the goods and waste that end up there can be." -- John Grande, "Earth Sensitive," 2000.


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