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Ilka Meyer, "Sandglass - Transitscape #5," soil with house debris, vegetation, Milan, Italy, 2007.

Ilka Meyer

"Artificiality and transitoriness are integral elements of our construction of our worlds. This also is the basic trade of plants.

They grow, reproduce, multiply and confront us with their beauty. They carry expansive potential." --Ilka Meyer

In Ilka Meyer's world, nature has a presence. It is real, stands in your space, and gets into your way. In the series of photographs "Hauscoch," (2007) she depicts quadrants of straw bales stacked high as buildings, mimicking and wanting, as it were, "to be houses." In her piece "Sandglass," (2007) she gathered sand in a pile so wide it blocked access to the gallery. Other works involved invading rooms with stacks of potted plants and bags of soil. The work takes the human tendency to compartmentalize and organize the earth and articulates nature's ability to withstand it.


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